200 Type Bailey Panel

Product Details


1. Panel Bridge
2. Factory provided directly
3. Manual handling
4.Quickly install

It is the main bearing of structure steel bridge
It is composed of an upper, lower chord, vertical bars and diagonal rods welded together, the end of bottom chord of yin and Yang joint, joint is connected with a truss pin hole. Truss chord is composed of two 10 channel (back to back) and, in the lower chord, a plurality of perforated steel plate welding, bolt holes and the reinforcing chord and double truss connected on, bottom chord, the chord is used to connect the frame four bolt holes the two hole, which is for the double row or more truss with internode connection, by two holes at both ends of the cross section is connected with the. Multiple rows of truss as beams or columns when in use, must be engaged with a supporting frame of the upper and lower sections of the truss reinforcement. In the lower chord rod, is provided with 4 beam plate, a tenon above, used for fixing the beam in the plane of the position: in the lower chord rod end of steel web is provided with two elliptical holes, for connecting wind pull rod.