expansion joint for bridge Bridge expansion joint for bridge construction

Product Details

1. Large movement potential: The non-metallic expansion joint offers multi-plane movements in a shorter face-to-face dimension.
2. Corrosion resistance: The ability of various rubbers and plastics to stand up to corrosive chemicals can extend the life of an expansion joint.
3. Sound and vibration elimination: The outstanding vibration and sound attenuation characteristics of elastomers help prevent premature system degradation.
4. Able to stand up to high temperatures: With the use of special materials, non-metallic expansion joints can withstand over 1000° F operating temperatures.

Type of rubber expansion joint:
1. Single sphere rubber expansion joint
2. Double sphere rubber expansion joint
3. Reduced rubber expansion joint
4. Rubber elbow/rubber bend
5. Double sphere screwed rubber expansion joint
6. High pressure rubber expansion joint
7. Rubber expansion joint with tie rod
8. Slip-on type rubber expansion joint
9. PTFE lined rubber expansion joint
Please reference the following pictures:

1. This product could primarily reduce the vibration and the noise of the piping system, completely solve the different piping problems as displace of joint, axial flex and etc.
2. According to different material requirement, product could be made as acid proof, corrosion proof to suit different medium and environments.
3. The materials are good sealing, light weighting, easy to fix and maintain, also has long-working expecting. But please keep far away from sharp metal in order to avoid breaking of the rubber body.
4. For flanges of other standards or non-standards. It is necessary to be agreed upon separately. Please specify standard of furnish diagram and relative parameter. We will manufacture accordingly. Rubber material may be selected according t your requirement.
5. Anti-corrosion: EPDM and NBR rubber can bear high temperature and can anti-corrosion.
6. Double sphere flange end rubber joint: The rubber body have two bridges. It can bear more pressure and the length is long than single sphere rubber joint.
7. The size can made as customer's drawing, we can make mould for special type.
8. They are cost effective, the total cost is low because of rubber is cheap and it have long use life.

Advantage of our rubber joint:
A. Ozone and chemical resistance
B. High temperature resistance
C. Excellent weather resistance
D. Anti-aging, anti-radiation, good flexibility, good elasticity
E. Excellent resistance of acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons

Our products have the following character:
Good select materials, advanced equipment, skillful workmanship, rigorous quality control standards, attractive design and durability. They are well-known for excellent quality, most competitive price, lower cost and prompt delivery.

The product is made up of the composite rubber ball, including internal rubber layer, nylon fabric, and external rubber layer and the loose metal flange. With the merits of high pressure, stable elasticity, big displacement, good damping capacity and noise reduction, it is widely used in the systems of water supply, drainage, water circulation, heating and ventilating, and air conditioning, and the piping systems of the paper-making, the petrochemical industry, marine, compressors pumps, fans, etc.