Compact 200 bailey steel bridge

Product Details

1.Structure bailey  bridges
2.conveniently Transported
3.rapid erection/easy assembled/fast installed
4 huge load
5.Long service life
6.strong corrosion resistance

Bailey Bridge is a standard bridge equipment, adopted extensively and the most popular in the world, possessing the features of simple structure, convenient transport, speedy erection and easy disassembling, while having the advantage of heavy loading capacity, great stability and long fatigue life being capable of an alternative span, loading capacity and mixture form to erect all kinds of Temporary Bridges, Emergency Bridges and Fixed Bridges. Using the bridge equipment, the suspension bridges of varied span can be erected. The bridge has the advantages of few components, light weight and low cost. Bailey bridge is similarly like compact 100,compact 200 International bridge. It is assembled by each 3m panel, and invented by Donald Bailey. The 321 panel bridge can be easily dissembled and rapidly erected. The whole bridge is made by high-tensile strength steel. Main beam is light weight panels and the panels are connected by panel connection pins. It is easy to assemble or disassemble and transport. It can also be assembled into different forms of panel bridges according to their span length and transportation requirement. So, it has been widely applied as emergency transportation, temprary or permanent bridge.Its suitable load design is such like HS-15, HS-20, HS-25 and pedrail-50 etc.

Bridge usage & maintenance

Following maintenance measures shall be adopted while using the bridge.
(I) Signs on bridgehead  Traffic signs shall be set on both bridgeheads, showing load level, speed limit, etc., with strict precaution against overload. If necessary, adopt compelling measures for load and speed limit.
(II) Regular inspection and maintenance, which shall include
1. Check regularly various pins, bolts, beam clamps and sway braces, so as to maintain in a proper status.
2. Check regularly whether there is any uneven sedimentation to the bed plate of girder and block of bridge approach, and deal with any problems immediately.
3. Smear grease around the pin for preventing rainwater from entering the aperture of pinhole. Smear grease around the outer part of bolt for preventing against rust.
4. Measure regularly the midspan deflection for finding whether there is gradual enhancement. The speed of deflection enhancement shall be in direct proportion with the wearing degree of pin and pinhole, and the enhancing degree shall be very small. If the speed of deflection enhancement is too fast, it shows that there’s damage to pin, pinhole, upper or lower truss chord member (including reinforced chord member), therefore, detailed inspection shall be made for adopting measurement.
5. Check regularly whether there is any crack to the male end of lower truss chord member. If there is any, measure the length of crack, and take monitoring measurements for preventing the truss from damaging, and replace the truss in time.
6. Check regularly whether there is any fracture, curve or unevenness to bridge plate. Replace the damaged immediately. If there is frequent pass of creeper truck on the bridge, track plate should be paved for avoiding fast abrasion.
7. Bridge components or accessories, except the touching parts, have painted two coats of paint. For long usage and protecting the steel material, the best thing would be to paint all one coat after erecting the bridge. Some components need pre-paint before erection.      
8. Clean the bridge deck regularly.