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Advantages of application cable support

Jul 23, 2015

For a long time, erection of utility and industrial cables are made of metal cable brackets, Metal Stents are usually steel or aluminum alloy rolled into the desired shapes after, and is formed by welding or fasteners for Assembly. Commission metal bracket production process energy big, and process more, and cycle long, in many bad environment conditions Xia, for example Metro, and tunnel, and chemical enterprise, and more rain wet or along sea salt fog, occasions, using metal bracket very easy rust, facilities of maintenance costs high, using life also more short according to power procedures requirements, for all metal business bracket in farm role Xia easy produced power and voltage drop, so must requirements metal bracket even into grounding network, this on greatly increased engineering volume and engineering cycle.

In VCI corrosion protection, although the exterior painted or hot galvanized coating technology, but still not fundamentally solve the corrosion problem, seriously affecting the safe and trouble-free use of electricity, communication facilities.