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Advantages of fiberglass cable tray

Jul 23, 2015

1. Bridge frame material epoxy resin composite type, within lining metal skeleton, metal skeleton shape and cable Bridge frame section similar, material for cold rolled plate, thickness for 1.5-2.0mm metal appearance to by special processing, added soft quality joint layer, to preparedness metal skeleton and main anti-corrosion layer for hot expansion coefficient difference and off layer, Bridge frame in metal skeleton plus main anti-corrosion layer, anti-corrosion layer of uniform thickness for 1.5mm-2.0mm, main anti-corrosion layer outside must has high-density, and anti-damage, has reflection UV role of cover layer, Smooth unsightly in appearance, with progressive aging properties of cable trays and use life.

2. due to its by selected material has lower of thermal conductivity coefficient and the flame retardant agent of participate in makes product not only has refractory insulation sex, and since out sex, and has is high of resistance corruption sex, while also has layout light, and resistance aging, and quiet reliable, strengths, can convenient to and metal bridge frame supporting using, FRP Bridge frame in chemical metallurgical kerosene, strong corruption situation get using.

3. the cable bridge across the alien machine damage-prone areas and open, you should use the protective cover plate. Cable trunking or ladder branches, can accept a variety of siphon connection. Treated as an appearance difference can be divided into: hot dipped galvanized bridge, hot-dipped galvanized bridge, electric galvanized tray, electrostatic spray trays, fiberglass Cable Tray fire-retarding paint (coating material) tray, paint tray, fireproof tray. Bridges quickly in recent years, not only is serialized, and fire-resistant species by common bridge bridge, anti-corrosion bridge and other species, can fully meet the demand.

4. FRP Cable Tray placement easy, nice, good fire, good earthing. Place rapid, mechanical, artificial costs low. Light weight, lighter than traditional Tray 30%-60%;90% open space machine high strength, easy to cut; to enrich your imagination free equipment to deploy style; data cable plan accessories has impressive bearing ability; throttle space and time for clients, placement of the bridge than the traditional throttle 1/3.