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Application of glass fiber reinforced plastic cable brackets

Jul 23, 2015

Main features include:

1. high strength, good design, high tensile strength of glass fiber (3450mpa), and its content, length, strength of laying forms of decision support products. Strength of glass fiber reinforced thermosetting composite materials can be in the 30-1000mpa range. Therefore, according to the force, production, production technology, the price amount of capacity to design the glass fiber, laying length and form.

2. it does not creep of continuous fiber reinforced thermoset composite stent rigidity than the United States in a production of fiber reinforced nylon brackets added 1 time. Even under constant load or deformation does not appear like a metal cable that tilt down.

3. the oxygen index is to evaluate cable fire fire products testing means. Oxygen index refers to the largest fire burning characteristics under oxygen conditions. In use should be determined according to the intensity of combustion engineering. For example in 30 cable conditions, such as power line ignited by accident, within 4min to temperatures above 500 degrees heat accumulation, which result in a flame-retardant cables along the strike. Cable cable more dense, quality more combustible. 30 cable, mass per unit length of combustible 20.5kg/m, now with 300 cable calculations, mass per unit length of combustible 158kg/m, calculated according to the maximum possible intensity of combustion, oxygen index or less than 65%. We believe that product oxygen index of 70% in the standard is appropriate. According to using requirements we have developed composite cable support the oxygen index is greater than or equal to 70%.

Fire low-smoke, halogen-free, drug-safety requirements. Fire performance higher than Taiwan technical specification for glass fiber reinforced plastic cable trunking (oxygen index of 52%), than the United States reinforced thermoplastic brackets of a company is much higher. This indicator has become no less than the United Kingdom BS certified Hong Kong MTR opens new vehicle using composite indicators of fire safety standards.