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Cable bridge anti-corrosion

Jul 23, 2015

Steel cable tray surface prone to corrosion, and reduce the life of the bridge, causing economic losses, so how to solve surface Cable Tray problem? Then check out the following measures.

1. hot-dip galvanized: under the conditions of the atmosphere, has better corrosion resistance of zinc. Zinc as a sacrificial anode to cathode metal protection methods. Its resistance to corrosion life depends on the thickness of the zinc coating and corrosion rate. Hot-dip galvanized zinc coating thickness 65mm or more. Combination of zinc and iron to form a layer of zinc-iron alloy, enhancing the adhesion of the zinc coating;

2. zinc: compared to zinc plating with hot-dip galvanizing process is simple, low cost. No special requirements for the structure of the cable tray. Electro-galvanized after passivation treatment can significantly improve its performance. Electroplated zinc coating is generally about 12mm, which does not apply to corrosion of high life. In order to improve corrosion resistance of electroplated zinc, zinc-nickel alloy electroplating can be used or high after passivation of zinc plating;

3. apply antirust paint: for the structural component of a larger size, due to the zinc bath, bath, oven and other restrictions, generally only used coated paint method to deal with. Although it has the advantages of low cost, easy to use, but less corrosion resistance, short service life, maintenance, and generally should not be used.