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Characteristics of large span cable tray

Jul 23, 2015

Big across from cable Bridge frame is a more general cable Bridge frame of support span big, and due to structure Shang design delicate, thus and than General cable Bridge frame has hosted capacity big, features of Bridge frame, so it not only suitable for refinery, and chemical, and textile, and mechanical, and metallurgical, and power, and TV, and broadcast, mining enterprises of indoor outside cable overhead of laying, also can as underground of fortifications. Big span cable tray consists of large span of cascade, tray, trough, heavy-duty ladder frame, rectangular tee, tee, right-angled cross, as well as the corresponding type of connector, cover plates and pillars. Big span cable tray with cover, with cover plate is required when ordering instructions, or by the cover model orders. Big span cable tray-surface treatment of plastic powder coating, galvanizing or paint. In corrosive environments, you can choose through plastic coating of bridge, can be used in the General atmospheric corrosion environment galvanized tray.