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In bridge construction details

Jul 23, 2015

1, cable tray from the normal environment through the wall into the fire, explosion-proof environment, should the cable tray sealing device installed on the wall.

2, when the cable bridge from outdoor to indoor wall, outside the walls of rain-proof measures should be taken.

3, cable tray from outdoor to indoor wall high installation, cable trays shall be extended downward-sloping proper intervals, and then up again to set up to prevent rainwater along the cable tray into the room.

4, when the cable bridge over settlement expansion joints, cable should be disconnected, disconnect interval to 100mm as well. Created the provisional designation of national norms there are more requirements on cable tray installation, Cable Tray Cable Tray Installation requirements. Countries that prevail. Cable Tray for industrial and civil construction laying power cables, control cables, communication cables and control cables. Cable trays installation, general layout of cable Bridge frame interval should be for the shortest possible. Safe operation and construction should be satisfied with the installation, maintenance and cabling requirements. Cable trays shall have sufficient rigidity and strength, cable provides reliable support.