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Trough cable tray selection steps

Jul 23, 2015

1, trough cable tray and hanger for use in corrosive environments, rigid material that should be corrosion-resistant, or take measures to prevent corrosion, anti-corrosion treatment should meet the requirements engineering environment and durability.

2, cable tray in the fire sector, can be added in the cable ladder racks, trays with fire-resistant or flame retardant properties of plates, and other material enclosed or semi-enclosed structure, and take in the tray and brush fire protection coating on the surface of support and hanger measures such as its resistance should meet the requirements of relevant national norms or standards.

3, in the engineering of high fire place is not allowed to use aluminum cable tray.

4, trough Cable Tray width and height of the selection, the fill rate requirements, cable ladder rack and tray filling rate in normal circumstances, 40%~50% power cables, control cables 50%~70% and 10%~25% engineering margin should be reserved.

5, when selecting a cable tray load, cable tray uniform load should not exceed the selected cable tray load rated load if cable tray supports and hangers of the actual span is not equal to 2m, then the work load should meet the requirements.

6, a variety of components and the hangers in the appropriate load conditions, its size and tray, ladder straight, curved series of matches.