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What is a bridge? Structure of the bridge!

Jul 23, 2015

Bridges are a support bracket and cable. Bridge engineering is common, as long as the cable bridge, cable tray as a supporting project of wiring works, there is no special normative guidance, a manufacturer's specification program lacks the versatility, so design selection process should be based on weak current systems and cable type, number of rationally selected for the bridge. Cable bridge has a wide variety, wide application, light intensity, structure, low cost, simple construction, wiring and flexible, standard installation, appearance and so on.

Cable Tray divided into slots, tray and ladder racks, grid structure, bracket, bracket and mounting accessories and so on. Selection should pay attention to all parts of the bridge meets series, universal, standardized set of requirements. Buildings Bridge frame can independent erection, also can attached in various built (frame) built real and tube Gallery bracket Shang, should reflected structure simple, styling beautiful, and configuration flexible and maintenance convenient, features, all parts are needed for plating zinc processing, installation in buildings exposed days of Bridge frame, if is in near beach or belongs to corrosion district, is material must has anti-corrosion, and resistance moisture, and adhesion good, resistance impact strength high of real sex features.

To reduce weight also can used aluminum cable and FRP Bridge frame, its shape size, load contains characteristics are and steel quality Bridge frame basic similar, due to aluminum, and steel share different (Al = 2.7,Fe = 7.86), by weight calculation, aluminum steel of than about for 1:3, according to two species material of market price conversion, aluminum Bridge frame of cost costs than similar plating zinc steel bridge price to high out twice times, aluminum Bridge frame has beautiful, weight light, and installation convenient, advantages, in recent years, Aluminum alloy bridge has applied in the project.