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Zinc plated and hot dipped galvanized bridge bridge differences

Jul 23, 2015

1, the main production process is different, hot-dip galvanizing is the zinc pot solution through, electro-galvanized through the electrode reaction.

2, the application in electroplated zinc steel anti-rust effect is not very good, mainly galvanized capacity of less than and galvanized uneven, generally two or three years there is rust, poor-quality rust more than 10 days exposed to wet conditions.

3, cold galvanizing process: steel surface after chemical cleaning in the electroplating, plating solution containing zinc oxide. DC pole steel pole placed in the plating of Zinc plate. Power zinc-steel surface by molecular replacement. If brightener passivation, you embody the cloud-like bright coating.

4, hot-dip galvanizing process: steel castings or immersed in a molten zinc bath surface formation of Zn-Fe alloy or zinc and zinc-iron alloy coating processes and methods.