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A Brief Introduction To Floating Bridge

Jul 20, 2017

                A bridge in which a boat or floating box replaces a pier and floats on the surface of the water. The army uses the standard equipment to spell the military pontoon bridge, is called pontoon. The historical record of the pontoon bridge is early in China. The Book of poetry, Great and Bright, records: "Pro-ying Yu Yu, build a boat for the beam", Records Zhou Wang Jichang in the 1184 BC in the Weihe Bridge pontoon. Donghan Jianwu 11 years (AD 35), Gongsun in this Hubei Yidu, Yichang between the erection of the Yangtze River pontoon. In the Western Jin Dynasty, the first ten years (274 years), du Mengjin in Henan province near the Yellow River to erect a river-Yang pontoon, has continued to use up to more than 800 years. In foreign countries, the Persian Empire, Cyrus, built a pontoon bridge in Mesopotamia in 537 BC, and Zeles in the Hellespont Pang (now Dardanelles Strait) in the first 481 to connect Europe and Asia.Floating Bridge

               The structure of the pontoon bridge has two types: the ① traditional form is in the ship or floating box on the shelves, the deck. ② in the form of a boat, or the ship is connected to the tail, into a longitudinal column, or the boat body tightly arranged into a belt. In order to keep the position of the pontoon axis not offset, cable anchorage is required in the upper and lower reaches. To connect with the two sides, you need to set up a transition beam or springboard on both sides. In order to adapt to the fluctuation of water level, the two sides should also set up landing dock or Take-off and landing trestle.Floating Bridge

                Pontoon can be used for people, highways, railways. Its structure is not complicated, and it is convenient to dismantle, but the cost of maintenance is high. In peacetime can be used to emergency relief or as temporary traffic facilities, wartime can be used to ensure that the army quickly through the River Military standard pontoon, in order to increase their mobility, commonly used light metal made of its own type.Floating Bridge