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Analysis Of Structure Form Of Floating Bridge

Mar 19, 2020

The structure of the pontoon bridge has two types: the traditional form is in the ship or floating box on the shelves, resurfacing. The form of a boat girder, or the vessel is connected to the tail, into a longitudinal column, or the boat body tightly arranged into a belt type. In order to keep the position of the pontoon axis not offset, cable anchorage is required in the upper and lower reaches. To connect with the two sides, you need to set up a transition beam or springboard on both sides. In order to adapt to the fluctuation of water level, the two sides should also set up landing dock or Take-off and landing trestle.Floating Bridge

Pontoon can be used for people, highways, railways. Its structure is not complicated, and it is convenient to dismantle, but the cost of maintenance is high. In peacetime can be used to emergency relief or as temporary traffic facilities, wartime can be used to ensure that the army quickly through the River Military standard pontoon, in order to increase their mobility, commonly used light metal made of its own type.Floating Bridge

The erection of the pontoon is characterized by its simplicity and rapidity, and it is often used in military, also known as War Bridge. 974 years song, in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River erected the 2nd pontoon (according to legend in Anhui Dangtu Quarry), is for Bing to extinguish the southern Tang, unified national, to Jiangnan open water channel. Kublai, in order to unify the southwest, send troops into Sichuan, White Horse River, Hejiang, Pui Jiang, Qingjiang (all the Yangtze River upstream tributary) and other rapids, erected more than 20 military pontoon bridge. Some people who write history think that these floating bridges have made the most of the south-west of Kublai Khan.Floating Bridge

The erection of the military pontoon bridge, as a temporary means of transport, is generally to pass the army, baggage. Sometimes used to block the other side of the operation of the Navy, the pontoon is stationed on the army, using the pontoon bridge and the other Navy combat. At this time, the pontoon bridge became a water trench.Floating Bridge

The bridge is the human's technology creation which crosses the mountains and rivers Moat, brings the human life progress and the transportation convenient, naturally can cause the person's beautiful association, the intrinsic Human Rainbow's laudatory name. And in China's natural landscape garden, the terrain changes and waterways separated, very much need to bridge to contact traffic, communication scenic spots, organization tour routes. Moreover, it is one of the most important landscaping buildings in the garden. Therefore, the small bridge water becomes the typical scenery of Chinese garden and landscape painting. When planning and designing the bridge, the bridge should cooperate with the garden road system, facilitate the transportation, contact the sightseeing route and the scenic spot, pay attention to the demarcation of the water surface and the waterway passage and navigation;Floating Bridge