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Bailey Bridge Take You Through The Basic Structure Of The Bridge

Apr 02, 2020

The vertical distance from the deck or the bottom of the rail to the bottom edge of the superstructure is called the height of the bridge building, which is called the height of the bridge from the bridge deck or the bottom of the rail to the low water level or the road below the bridge.Bailey Bridge 

Along the central line of the bridge, the horizontal distance between the ends of the side wall of the bridge abutment (the bridge with no abutment is the length of the carriageway of the bridge deck) is called the bridge length or the total length L (Highway bridge). The length between the bridge wall is called the bridge length (railway bridge). At the edge of the pier, the length of the design level meter (regardless of the thickness of the pier) is called the net span, and the sum of the net span is called the bridge aperture, which must meet the requirement of flood discharge.Bailey Bridge

The horizontal distance at the center of the two supports is called the calculation span and the short span. The larger the span, the greater the internal force, the larger the size of the main load-bearing structure, the higher the design and construction requirements. Therefore, the size of the span is often used to weigh the bridge technical level of one aspect. The calculation span is usually determined by the difficult and economical conditions of the bridge clearance, upper and lower structure construction.Bailey Bridge

According to the superstructure of the bridge, the building materials are divided into wooden bridges, stone bridges, concrete bridges, RC Bridge, prestressed concrete Bridge (sometimes referred to as three concrete bridges), steel bridge and girder bridge. The wooden bridge is easy to corrode and used for temporary bridges. The compressive strength of stone and concrete is high and the tensile strength is low, mainly used in Arch bridge. Reinforced concrete bridge is a bridge which is combined with good tensile and compressive properties, and is mainly used for Liang and arch bridges with little span.Bailey Bridge

Prestressed concrete bridge is built with High-strength steel (wire) and high grade concrete, which can reach much larger span than reinforced concrete, and the structure system can be used much more extensively than reinforced concrete bridge. Steel bridge used in structural steel manufacturing, is often used for real-web bridges and large-span truss girder bridges, arch bridges, oblique Zhangqiao and suspension bridges.Bailey Bridge

Its main advantage is the construction speed is fast, the span ability is big, the disadvantage is the steel quantity is more, the maintenance cost is big. Combined Beam Bridge, also known as composite girder bridge, is composed of two kinds of different building materials bridge, usually refers to the use of steel beams and reinforced concrete bridge deck board, can save steel. In addition, the use of lightweight concrete, aluminum alloy, FRP and other building materials to build bridges.Bailey Bridge