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Bailey Bridge Take You Through The Definition Of Bridges

Jul 07, 2017

     Bridge, generally refers to the erection of rivers on the road, so that vehicles can smooth passage of the structure. In order to adapt to the modern high-speed development of the transport industry, bridges are also extended to cross the mountain, bad geology or meet other traffic needs and set up to make the passage more convenient buildings. The bridge is generally composed of upper structure, substructure, bearing and accessory structure, and the superstructure is called bridge span structure, is the main structure of the crossing barrier, the substructure includes abutment, Pier and foundation, and the load-transmitting device which is arranged by the supporting premises of the bridge span structure and the pier or abutment;Bailey Bridge
    A bridge is a building constructed for a road crossing a natural or man-made barrier. Generally speaking, the bridge consists of five parts and five small parts, the five parts are the bridge superstructure and the lower structure that the bridge withstands the vehicle or other vehicle transportation load. Is the guarantee of the bridge structure safety. Includes (1) bridge span structure (or bridge structure), (2) Bridge bearing system, (3) pier, abutment (4) Cap (5) Digging or pile foundation. The five widgets refer to the components directly related to the function of the bridge service, the past is called the bridge structure. including (1) deck pavement, (2) Waterproof and drainage system, (3) railings, (4) Expansion joints, (5) lighting. The large bridge accessory structure also has the bridgehead, the approach and so on.Bailey Bridge
    Bridge Foundation Construction, in 18th century began to apply the wellbore, the United Kingdom in the repair of Westminster Arch bridge, Wood caisson floating to the bridge site, first with the stone load to sink it, and then repair the foundation and pier. Compressed air caissons were first adopted in 1851 when the British built Medwer in Rochester, Kent. 1855-1859 years, in Cornwall County, Sartas built Royal Ebert Bridge, the diameter of 11 meters of wrought iron tube, under the cylinder compressed air caisson. The United States built the Wye River bridge in 1867 and built the foundation with compressed air caissons. Compressed air caisson Construction, workers working under compressed air conditions, if the working time is long, or from the compressed gas tank without decompression chamber suddenly out, or decompression too fast, easy to cause caisson disease.Bailey Bridge