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Basic Platform Description For Portal Frame

Mar 19, 2020

With the rapid development of Enterprise Portal technology, Enterprise Portal is more and more applied to enterprises. Enterprise Portal can provide enterprises with a single access to the information resources of enterprises, employees, customers, partners and suppliers, agents and other enterprises closely related to the survival and development of the personnel, can obtain personalized information and services through this portal.Portal Frame 

Enterprise Portals can easily integrate enterprise information, business applications, and communities. The business system provides a great deal of data, but for the staff of different positions, they tend to focus only on some of the information that is relevant to them.Portal Frame

Faced with a large number of data, the user's information extraction is facing challenges. What users need is information, not data. The information release volume of each business system is increasing gradually, and it is a great difficulty for the information acquisition of the enterprise staff to establish their own information publishing platform.Portal Frame

Framework Foundation platform function: Enterprise Portal is to support the company's main business application of the unified display platform and the operation of the basic platform, the function includes the Enterprise Portal system, the foundation of the deployment of Enterprise Portal application platform support and guarantee. Includes: the portal page of the unique login point, requirements customization, multiple application access, page maintenance.Portal Frame

Basic application: It is the most essential content and maintenance application in the Enterprise Portal, including the functions of search function display and page content management. Business application: It is used in Enterprise Portal system to handle enterprise affairs management and business application, has expansibility, make the company's main business in Enterprise Portal system access, and realize the function of processing business, including enterprise business Link access, to do transaction access, application integration and other functions.Portal Frame

"Framework basic platform function" and "Basic Application" constitute the foundation of Enterprise Portal system, become the business and management information unified centralized processing and presentation of the basic platform, and business applications are mainly to achieve Enterprise Portal system construction of the main content.Portal Frame