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Belly Tells You The Importance Of Bailey Bridge

Apr 17, 2020

     The disassembly-type metal bridge is a complete set of fixed bridge equipment, usually including the upper structure, the adjustable height of the middle bridge foot, as well as special erection and loading equipment. This equipment is mainly used to set up and withdraw, use, loading, operation convenient, good maneuverability, can be used to set up a single span and multi-span low water bridge, but also to strengthen and repair the damaged permanent bridge.Bailey Bridge

     The military bridge has been widely used in the war of China, and there are many types of military bridges in ancient China, such as fishing bridges and bridges used for defensive defense, offensive bridge, folding bridge and Fly bridge. In the previous revolutionary Wars, the PLA volunteers used handy materials to erect a large number of military bridges in the Korean War.Bailey Bridge

     In the ancient wars in Europe and Western Asia, many military bridges were erected. Notable among them, the 481 BC, the Persian Empire, Xerxes, the army in front of the attack on Greece erected two bridges across the Hellespont Pang Strait (this Dardanelles channel) pontoon. With the appearance of metal materials and the development of railways, after the Second World War, because of the appearance of light and high-strength materials, the improvement of mechanization of equipment, the progress of hydraulic equipment and welding technology, many national armies adopted methods such as improving the structure integrity and erecting operation mechanization, so as to improve and develop the equipment of military bridge.Bailey Bridge

     Representative: The Soviet Union's heavy-mechanized bridge (TMM) and the Belt Bridge, the French Army's accompanying Bridge (PAA), the British Medium truss Bridge (MGB) and the federal German Army's Krupp fixed bridge and so on. In addition, the Soviet Union and the German Democratic Republic of the Army also equipped with a complete set of bridge equipment, improve the erection speed of handy Bridge. Some national troops also equipped with amphibious River engineering reconnaissance vehicles, thus shortening the military bridge erection time. Since the 50 's, the PLA has also developed a great development in the development of standard bridge equipment and erecting machines.Bailey Bridge

     In order to meet the requirements of modern warfare, handy Bridge will further trend of precast, equipment and components to implement regional standardization, erecting machinery to achieve mechanization. The standard bridge continues to be integrated along the structure, the direction of mechanized operation will further increase the single span erection length of the fixed bridge, improve the load capacity and erection speed of the bridge, improve the maneuverability of the vehicle, improve the standardization, serialization and generalization of the equipment, and make it adapt to the requirements of the air maneuver.Bailey Bridge