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Controversy Over The Right To Use Road In Pedestrian Bridge

Apr 29, 2020

              Although the footbridge (with the underground passage) is ostensibly a safety guarantee for pedestrians, avoid their moving lines and traffic on the road to improve road safety, but in some areas, in the setting of three-dimensional pedestrian facilities such as flyovers, the intersection of the flat road will often be canceled and prohibit pedestrians directly across the road.Pedestrian Bridge

              At the very sight of this approach is to ensure the safety of pedestrians, but some traffic scholars think that this is actually a kind of suppression of pedestrians ' right of use. According to this scholar, pedestrians and vehicles should have the right to cross the road intersection, if the pedestrian use of three-dimensional crossing facilities to prohibit the plane of crossing behavior, which means that pedestrians are forced to avoid traffic, and not respect the rights of pedestrians. In order to avoid this problem, they suggest that three-dimensional crossing facilities such as flyovers coexist with the facilities on the plane, pedestrians who do not wish to make a detour should follow the directions of traffic signals (e.g. traffic lights) to cross the road at the right time, and the existence of flyovers and underpass will give pedestrians a higher degree of respect so that they have the power to choose whether to bypass the road and to avoid waiting for traffic lights.Pedestrian Bridge

             Pedestrian overpass also called footbridge. It is generally built on large, pedestrian-dense lots, or intersections, squares and railways. Pedestrian overpass only allows pedestrians to avoid the conflict between traffic flow and pedestrian plane intersection, to ensure the safe passage of people, improve speed and reduce traffic accidents. According to the structure, the common bridge can be divided into three categories, namely, suspension structure, supporting structure and mixed structure.Pedestrian Bridge