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Detailed Layout Of Pedestrian Bridge

Mar 04, 2020

The intersection of railway and urban roads is more than 15min when the train passes through a blocked pedestrian flow of more than 1000 passengers or crossings. Pedestrian overpass or tunnel design should be in line with the requirements of the city landscape, and close to the ground or underground buildings combined; pedestrian overpass or tunnel entrance should be planned for the distribution of people, the area should not be less than the ' $literal '. Earthquake-prone areas of the city, the human line of the three-dimensional street facilities should be used tunnel.Pedestrian Bridge

The footbridge system can be simply defined as the elevated pedestrian walkway network, consisting of a street flyover, a two-storey corridor in the building and a wide variety of activity centres. Its main function is to connect the main walking points of the city centre in order to attract more customers and promote economic development. Economically, they reduce the value of flat space and the value of buildings that are not associated with them, which damage the appearance of old buildings in the city centre, and pedestrian footbridges may reduce the amount of street pedestrian traffic and the amount of walking activity, thus compromising the overall landscape of the city centre.Pedestrian Bridge

Urban business-intensive areas, sports venues, the intersection near the Rail transit station is provided with three-dimensional cross street facilities connected directly with the surrounding buildings, and in schools, hospitals and other places where special requirements are required, a three-dimensional cross street facility can be planned; the choice of pedestrian footbridges or underpass in a three-dimensional cross street facility which must be planned, We should synthesize the technical, economic and social benefits by comparing the underground water level, underground pipelines, other municipal utilities, surrounding environment, maintenance requirements and project investment.Pedestrian Bridge

Underground passage, generally is the requirements of the owner, or with the underground construction of the uniform setting, such as subway stations, shopping malls and other basements, the advantages of no impact on the ground, the landscape effect is relatively good, on the street merchants small impact, but also in line with the common people's habits.Pedestrian Bridge