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Fiberglass Cable Tray's Future

Jul 23, 2015

Along with China's wire and cable industry rapid development for the improvement of safety requirements, environmental awareness is growing, making fiberglass Cable Tray cable industry overall technological level has been greatly improved. Although such as CMP levels high flame retardant wires and cables high prices, has not been widely promoted, FRP cable bridge will lead to high fire retardant cable brought new focus to the PDS market. If a data centre, a financial centre, a key transport hub, exhibition center, hospitals, schools, museums and other places of the densely populated and important data stored in the future will be extensive use of CMP flame retardant high grade cable wiring. Many cabling business of fire-retardant cables, the Government continues to promote, for us to learn more about fire-retardant cable contribute to the applications and technology, cable will no doubt get more and more concerned about the fire, fire retardant cable will also get more applications in the project, information security and physical security in the data center brings opportunity. When the majority of users on the wiring cable choice, the relationship between the data quickly and easily in the future and security, but also to security provides a strong protection of life and property.

Meanwhile, only with high quality to customers a higher degree of recognition, high quality and good reputation of the true value of the brand is located, is the Foundation of brand to survive. Fire retardant wire and cable in China's rise is not wishful thinking, but call of the PDS market.