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Floating Bridge History

Apr 23, 2020

                The floating bridge is a great miracle in the application of buoyancy in the ancient history of our country. In the later years, the development of not only in the river to the floating pontoon, and like the Yellow River, such as a large river also erected a pontoon bridge. According to legend, in the early 11th century, in the vicinity of the Yellow River in Puzhou, north of Tongguan had a large pontoon bridge, the pontoon cable with 8 iron-ox tie, these iron ox stand on both sides, each ox weighs tens of thousands of kilograms. Later, due to flooding, the pontoon bridge was washed away, and the ox sank into the river. How to salvage the ox, under the conditions, is more difficult. The monk was pregnant with two big ships filled with mud, sent people into the water, with iron tie the ox and the big ship together, and then put the ship's soil removed, using the buoyancy of the boat, the iron cow pull up.Floating Bridge

                The first Yangtze River bridge, is Jianwu 11 years (AD 35) Donghan in and Sichuan separatist forces Gongsun combat, Gongsun once in the present Yidou County Jingmen and Yichang Tiger, the use of the terrain, a floating bridge, that is, Jiang Guan Pontoon, to cut off the waterway traffic of Hanguang. Later, the Hanguang Navy used the wind to set fire to flames.Floating Bridge

                The first year of the Sui Dynasty (605 years) was built in Luoyang, Henan province, the Tianjin Bridge, is used to link the boat with a chain bridge into a pontoon. Emperor has made a poem, four of which is "temporary low every year, also high value waves, water shook Wen Shan movement, cable to brocade flowers," used to depict his ride in the Royal Car cross the pontoon, the bow is good at fighting waves of the Shan bird graphics and cable on the blossoming brocade flowers, in the river waves swaying turbulence scene.Floating Bridge