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Floating Bridge Of Raw Materials And Modern Development

Apr 17, 2020

    A bridge, a bridge that floats on a waterplane. The army used the standard pilots of the military pontoon, then called the bridge. The pontoon can be used for people, roads, railways. Its structure is not complicated, the demolition is also convenient, but the high cost of maintenance. Usually available for emergency relief or as a temporary transport facilities, wartime can be used to ensure that the military quickly through the river military standard boat bridge, in order to increase its mobility, commonly used light metal made of self.Floating Bridge

     There are two types of pontoon structure: the traditional form is in the boat or floating box on the beam, and then bridge the deck. The form of the boat, or the vessel is connected to the end of the boat, into a string, or the boat is closely arranged into a belt. In order to maintain the location of the pontoon axis is not offset, in the upstream and downstream cable anchor required. For the cross-strait connected, in the cross-strait need to set the transition beam or springboard. In order to meet the water level fluctuations, the two sides should also set up or down the bridge or lift the bridge.Floating Bridge

     Since the pontoon is floating on the surface of the water, the construction workers have a certain difference. Previously only for convenience, the use of ships to build. Now the construction needs to have a certain visual effect, solid present both practical functions, there are nice, and even can be used as a landscape of the pontoon. Construction of practical and landscape fit pontoon, with railings, lights and other forms of different views of the pontoon. The use of different colors of the float assembled from, and according to the site environment, the actual practical transformation of various types of modeling.Floating Bridge

     Using the most environmentally friendly raw materials, the product has reached the standard food packaging, water pollution. From the design, production, construction, to the sale of "one-stop" service. Applicable to all water environments. Only to leave the small pontoon, you can float up and down with the water, feel the fun of walking the water. The large and medium-sized pontoon can match the steel frame, steel plate, to achieve a smooth and secure demand.Floating Bridge

     Today, as the traffic pontoon has no longer appear in our lives, the young people on the pontoon quite strange, even the old people's memory began to become blurred. However, it is gratifying that the ornamental pontoon as a recreational use now appears, and the new pontoon is like a ribbon, which is pleasing to the eye and adds a beautiful landscape to the city of charm.Floating Bridge

     With the development of science and technology and people's leisure and entertainment needs, modern pontoon came into being. The main body of modern pontoon is called pontoon, which is made of high-molecular polyethylene through large-scale mechanical equipment. The pontoon bridge is similar in structure to the old pontoon, but it is very different in characteristics and function: the seamless connection between the pontoon bodies and the stability is good. Float surface pattern design, non-slip. Material stability, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, impact resistance and other characteristics, suitable for perennial placed in outdoor waters. After the completion of the pontoon without maintenance. The main function of the modern pontoon is no longer an important tool for people crossing the water, more for the scenic pontoon, sightseeing corridors and so on.Floating Bridge