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Floating Bridge Simple And Fast

May 27, 2017

The Floating Bridge is the great miracle of buoyancy in ancient Chinese history. In the later years, the development of not only in the river can be set up on the Floating Bridge, and the river like the Yellow River also set up a Floating Bridge. According to legend, in the early 11th century, in the vicinity of Tongzhou north of Tongguan on the Yellow River has set up a large Floating Bridge, Floating Bridge bridge with 8 trolls tied, these taurus standing on both sides, each iron ore tens of thousands jin. Later, due to the flooding, the Floating Bridge was washed away, taiwan also sank into the river. How to raise the iron ox up, at the time of the conditions, it is more difficult. The monk arms and arms with two filled with the soil of the ship, sent to sneak into the water, with the iron to the iron and the ship together, and then remove the soil in the ship, the use of buoyancy buoyancy, the taiwan pulled up The

The Floating Bridge bridge is often used for military, also known as the bridge, because of its simple and fast characteristics. 974 Song Taizu, in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River

Set up the second Floating Bridge (according to legend in Anhui Dangtu County quarry), is for the Song Bing to discuss the Southern Tang, unified national, to Jiangnan into the open water channel. Yuan Dynasty ancestors, for the reunification of the southwest region, sending troops into Sichuan, in the Baima River, Hejiang, Peijiang, Qingjiang (both upper reaches of the Yangtze River tributary) and other rapids, set up more than 20 military Floating Bridge. Some people who write history that these Floating Bridge for the Kublai Khan unified southwest made great merit.

Military Floating Bridge erection, as a temporary means of transport, is generally used to pass the army, baggage. Sometimes used to block each other's actions, the Floating Bridge on the army, the use of the Floating Bridge and the other water operations. At this time, the Floating Bridge became a water trenches.

China's history of the largest floating bridge set up, and played an important role in the military, to be regarded as the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom uprising in the battle set up in Wuhan, a group of Floating Bridge.