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General Overview Of The Floating Bridge

Apr 15, 2020

     The military pontoon bridge is a kind of pontoon, the structure and erection of the pontoon, generally uses dozens of or hundreds of boats (or raft, raft, raft), instead of the pier, horizontal in the river, to the hull as the pier, the upper deck of the beam board. The bridge and the river bank are connected with the plate (ancient plate) and trestle to adapt to the fluctuation of the river. The boat is either fastened on a cable made of brown, hemp, bamboo, or iron, or with anchor, copper anchor, and stone anchored in Jiangdi and on both sides, or anchored and used. The pontoon can be adjusted at any time to meet the river level.Floating Bridge

    Single-span bridge does not have the bridge foot Bridge, only on both sides set the shore Bridge foot (also known as The Bridge Foundation). According to the different stiffness of bridge cross structure, it is divided into two kinds of rigidity and flexibility. Rigid single span bridge is usually used to overcome barriers such as the width of the ditch, in addition to tank Impact Bridge, can also be used to dismantle the metal bridge, Mechanized bridge and other bridge equipment in the upper structure of the erection. Floating Bridge

    The flexible single span bridge has two kinds of drawbridge and Cableway Bridge, in common, it is the main load-bearing member of the cable which is fixed on both sides. The difference is that the drawbridge is suspended from the bridge under the cable, while the Ropeway Bridge is a bridge spanning the cable. The span of flexible single span bridge is large, and it is suitable for overcoming obstacles such as mountain rivers and canyons. When the load is not available, the bridge can be removed from the structure, leaving only the cable, with better camouflage and damage resistance.Floating Bridge

    When erecting military bridges on deep and wide rivers, the bridge can be used in a hybrid military bridge, depending on the specific circumstances, with the use of pontoon equipment (mainly pontoon equipment) and fixed bridge equipment. In order to meet the demands of modern warfare, the military bridge has been developing increasingly to the standard. Floating Bridge

    Standard bridge equipment by the State in accordance with the unified standards, performance, specifications for the production of armed forces, wartime to quickly set up various types of bridge. This kind of equipment mainly has the tank bridge vehicle, the pontoon equipment, the mechanized bridge, the disassembly type metal bridge and so on.Floating Bridge