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Glass Cable Bridge Key Points Of Concern After The Installation Is Complete

Jul 23, 2015

Quality standards for bridge laying immobilization is horizontal even vertical, reasonable cover no corners. Neat interface closely, corner, corner, t-connected properly tight, trunking and pollution-free. Brackets and hangers should be reasonable, fixed firm and smooth. Line while crossing the beams, walls, floors, glass tray should not be put to death in the building. Slot electrical equipment connected closely with and without exposure. Bridge laying straight horizontally or vertically straight and squareness tolerances shall not exceed 5mm.

Product protection, transport and stacking of the bridge should be in accordance with the relevant provisions, pay attention to moisture and stains. When you use high stools, be careful not to hit the walls and doors of the building. For contamination-prone sites (such as the engine room, electrical shafts, etc) bridge, should pay attention to check, discovered in time, make up brush paint.

Note, when near water and air conditioning duct, should pay attention to set aside its insulation layer position. Standard construction construction should be a floor or a part, and after testing and engineering concerned the approval of the Commissioner before the start of construction of large surfaces and. Electrical vertical wire cable shaft fall protection measures should be synchronized with line construction. Contaminated rusty bridge, should be cleaned before stringing cable, bracket weld shall promptly painted antirust paint.