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THe Advantages Of Pedestrian Bridge

Apr 20, 2020

   Pedestrian bridge, also known as pedestrian overpass, only allow pedestrians to pass, in order to ensure the smooth traffic and pedestrian safety. With the rapid economic development, modern bridge shape all kinds of gradually become a beautiful city landscape, is also a symbol of prosperity.Pedestrian Bridge

    When pedestrians need to cross the expressway or railway, they should plan to set up three-dimensional crossing facilities. Urban commercial-intensive areas, cultural venues, rail transit stations near the intersection with the surrounding buildings set up in direct contact with the three-dimensional street facilities; in schools, hospitals and other special requirements of the place, you can plan to set up three-dimensional crossing facilities; Of the three-dimensional street facilities. The choice of pedestrian bridge or underground passageways should be determined by comparing the technical conditions of technical, economic and social benefits after the combination of groundwater level, land and ground pipelines, other municipal public facilities, surrounding environment, maintenance requirements, and engineering investment.Pedestrian Bridge

    In general, when crossing the expressway, railways and other trunk traffic corridors, will consider the establishment of three-dimensional street facilities; some people particularly large areas of traffic, cross-street needs particularly large sections, will also consider setting up street facilities. The choice of flyovers and underground tunnels is generally given priority to flyover, the reason is simple, cheap, easy to do, simple construction, maintenance is also relatively convenient, and sometimes, the underground passage is more limited, such as the road is a big Granite, there are important lines under the road, so most of the time, will recommend to do the bridge.Pedestrian Bridge

    However, the landscape of the flyover is not very good, slightly depressed, it may also affect the part of the street business lights. Also, if there is no elevator, then the barrier effect is relatively poor, do not meet the habit of pedestrians (generally like the first downhill).Pedestrian Bridge

    Two kinds of three-dimensional traffic, the impact of traffic on the car there is no essential difference (generally not involved in the vehicle limit), are reduced between the car dealers and the contradiction between the people, the main difference reflected in the impact on the people The Traffic performance: both for connecting buildings, the role of the street is the effect of the same, there is not much difference. The nature of space: the nature of the pedestrian bridge closer to the landscape space, or leisure, social activities of the place.Pedestrian Bridge

    Pedestrian bridge is outdoor space, with open, open vision, pedestrians can interact with the building outside the space. Underground access to the space if the space is more commercial space, is the commercial space of the place. Underground access is indoor space, with a closed view, pedestrians can directly interact with the building interior space.

    I would have chosen the flyover in the vicinity of the park, because the open view and the flyover landscape would interact with the park. Subway station, business district I usually choose the underground channel, or a combination of the two. Underground access can be a good connection to subway sites and commercial buildings, and expand the underground space of commercial buildings.Pedestrian Bridge