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Industry Is Expected To Rise In The Cable Industry For More Than 15 Years Of 15%

Jul 23, 2015

In recent years, speed up the construction of power grids, UHV projects have been put into construction, wire and cable industry has created a huge market. According to statistics, the industry grew more than 15% in nearly 15 years. Now become the second largest industry after the automotive industry. China holds an important position in global peers. Wire and cable output value has exceeded the United States to become the world's largest electric wire and cable producer. From the pattern of the world, Europe, Japan and the United States has been making strategic acquisitions and restructurings. Products Division of restructuring and repositioning of target market, scale or specialization in the production. It is characterized by high concentration, total sales of top ten companies accounted for country or regional market two-thirds. A clear trend is that wire and cable manufacturing center of the world continues to shift towards Asia, led China, Viet Nam, the Philippines and the rapid development of industry in the Middle East. From an overall perspective, through a large number of technology introduction, digestion and absorption, as well as independent research and development, has a huge production capacity. Compatible with the cable material, cabling, equipment manufacturing industry has formed a relatively complete system. Large enterprises has obvious advantages in terms of market competitiveness and profit-making ability. Assets operating capacity of the SMEs is good. At present, significantly enhanced the market operation mechanism, rapid development of the private economy, has become the basic forces of economic growth in the industry. Especially in developed coastal areas of wire and cable manufacturing advantages, regional disparities further. By assets, the State-owned economic sectors accounted for 15%, foreign-funded enterprises accounted for nearly 25% and private economic sectors up to 60% Or more. In the wire and cable industry sales of top ten companies, mostly private enterprises. As the wire and cable industry's most important manufacturing regions in East China, accounting for sales of national assets and value of 50% to form 60%, and win 70% industry profits.