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Introduction To Portal Frame

Jul 20, 2017

                The overall width of the Web page can be divided into three types: percent, pixel, pixel + percent. Usually in the construction of the site in the form of pixels most commonly used, industry sites are not listed outside. We are in the design of the Web page will certainly take into account the resolution of the problem, technology development to now we usually use the $number and $number resolution, the network is now a lot of 778 pixel width, in the 800 resolution below often makes the whole page very depressing, there is a feeling of not breathable, in fact, this width refers to the $number resolution on the widest width of the page, does not represent the best vision, may wish to try 760~770 pixels, A better visual effect can be achieved regardless of the resolution of 1024 or 800.Portal Frame

                At present some website advertisement (pop-up advertisement, floating advertisement, big advertisement, banner advertisement, banner advertisement and so on). People feel very cumbersome, at all not willing to see, sometimes even you this site is not on, so the site has been seriously affected, advertising has not achieved the purpose of advertising. These questions are one of the things we need to consider and plan before we design our website.Portal Frame

                There are two kinds of floating ads, the first one is to float on both sides of the page, and the second is ads that move randomly around the screen. It is advisable to use the first one as far as possible in the case of the first, and inevitably the second is as much as possible in quantity. If the number of excessive will directly affect the user's psychology, hinder the user browsing information, counterproductive. Home ads should not be too moderate can be. such as in the registration or a purchase step page on the best not to appear too much other irrelevant content to distract users, to avoid the loss of customers and so on ...Portal Frame