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Introduction To The Reinforcement Of Bailey Bridge

Apr 21, 2020

    Reinforcement of Bailey Bridge. Prestressed reinforcement method: When the pre-stressed rod is used, it is necessary to adjust the straightening of the rod beforehand, the exact size of the rod and the settlement point of the settlement point, the screw nut quality test, The depth and mass of the end of the power transfer between the welds of the concrete structure embedded in the welds are checked by the end of the bolts, which are initially secured to the ends of the two bolts and then with high strength epoxy mortar or Cement mortar filling, reinforced limbs, high-quality steel support Beilei, plate, plate and tighten the bolts should be coated with anti-rust paint for anti-corrosion.Bailey Bridge

    Outside the steel reinforcement method: Bailey Bridge to deal with the situation, including condensed joints and steel plate surface treatment as a reinforcement of the construction process of the moment, in the dry reinforcement construction, in order to be able to close the angle steel profiles, concrete must be polished smooth Shape, no debris and dust; when the wet reinforcement construction, should first be treated in the angle of the steel and concrete profile cast latex cement or the preparation of epoxy resin grouting material, rusty steel, concrete dust and xylene Cleaning steel and concrete profiles, sticky objects, irrigation.Bailey Bridge

    Classification of military bridges according to the use of different equipment can be divided into the bridge and the standard bridge. The bridge is used to set up the material or prefabricated components. Its main feature is the wide range of materials. The standard bridge is a combination of application equipment. It is characterized by good interchangeability of components, structural adaptability, erection to prepare a small amount of work, can be used repeatedly disassembly, mobility. Military bridge by load capacity of different, can be divided into heavy, light, carrying and walking and other bridges.Bailey Bridge

    Heavy-duty bridges can guarantee the passage of medium-sized tanks and other corresponding crawler and wheeled vehicles; light bridges can guarantee light tanks and other corresponding crawler and wheeled vehicles; carry the bridge for mule horse carrying equipment through; The bridge is only for armed people on foot. Military bridge with or without intermediate bridge feet, can be divided into multi-span bridge and single bridge. One of the multi-span bridge by the middle of the bridge foot type, can be divided into floating bridge bridge (referred to as pontoon) and fixed bridge bridge (referred to as fixed bridge).Bailey Bridge

    Fixed bridge has a bridge between the middle of the bridge. Common fixed bridge foot column legs, legs, legs, legs and so on. Fixed bridge foot by the river water depth, flow rate, the river under the impact of soil. Column pillar foot is the pile into the river bottom, with good stability, but the river soil must allow piling. The pillar bridge foot is a pre-assembled frame that is set on the bottom of the river and is erected with fast running speed, but only for dry valleys or solid, flowing or deep river. Fort bridge is the bridge foot material is combined into a box-shaped, filled with stones, for the deeper water and the larger flow of the river.Bailey Bridge