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Introduction To The Related Application Of Floating Bridge

May 05, 2020

     The structure of the pontoon bridge has two types: the ① traditional form is in the ship or floating box on the shelves, the deck. ② in the form of a boat, or the ship is connected to the tail, into a longitudinal column, or the boat body tightly arranged into a belt. In order to keep the position of the pontoon axis not offset, cable anchorage is required in the upper and lower reaches. To connect with the two sides, you need to set up a transition beam or springboard on both sides. In order to adapt to the fluctuation of water level, the two sides should also set up landing dock or Take-off and landing trestle.Floating Bridge
    Pontoon can be used for people, highways, railways. Its structure is not complicated, and it is convenient to dismantle, but the cost of maintenance is high. In peacetime can be used to emergency relief or as temporary traffic facilities, wartime can be used to ensure that the army quickly through the River Military standard pontoon, in order to increase their mobility, commonly used light metal made of its own type. Because floating pontoon is above water, the construction of solid construction has a certain difference. Previously only to facilitate the use of ships to build. Now the construction needs to have a certain visual effect, solid appearance has both practical function, there is beautiful and generous, even as the landscape of the pontoon bridge. Guangxi Park Shield Construction practical and landscape of the pontoon bridge, with railings, lights and other forms of floating bridge views. Using different colors of the buoy assembled, and according to the site environment, practical transformation of various types of modeling. The use of the most environmentally friendly raw materials, products have reached the standards of food packaging, pollution-free water. From the design, production, construction, to the after-sale "one-stop" service. Suitable for all aquatic environments. The small pontoon, which is only left, can float up and down with water and feel the pleasure of walking on the surface. The large pontoon bridge can be used to meet the needs of the steel frame and steel plate for smooth and safe.Floating Bridge
   The floating bridge is a great miracle in the application of buoyancy in the ancient history of our country. In the later years, the development of not only in the river to the floating pontoon, and like the Yellow River, such as a large river also erected a pontoon bridge. According to legend, in the early 11th century, in the vicinity of the Yellow River in Puzhou, north of Tongguan had a large pontoon bridge, the pontoon cable with 8 iron-ox tie, these iron ox stand on both sides, each ox weighs tens of thousands of kilograms.Floating Bridge