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Java Portal Frame

Jun 29, 2017

      In today's internet age, it is understandable that the Java language is one of the most demanding programming languages in the world. The following software excellence in XI ' an Java training has gathered a framework for Java's more prevalent, to facilitate the needs of the vast number of Java developers.

      According to a survey conducted by Rebellabs, the Java user Group of online media allies (virtual Jug), the 2016 best lineup of the Java framework is as follows: We will not force readers to draw conclusions prematurely based on the above table, and then we will show you the basic content of each frame, let you analyze and contrast the differences, and ultimately choose the best frame to match according to your project.Portal Frame

      1. Spring MVC: A word that is durable. For the first time since SPRINGMVC's more than 10 years, it still occupies the commanding heights of technology. As the SPRINGMVC continues to refine the MVC framework, Spring has evolved into an internet-oriented, comprehensive Java framework that provides software engineers with a powerful toolkit for developing Web applications while providing a secure application environment. Spring has the ability to set programmers to a myriad of favorites because of its perfect system, providing a variety of plug-in methods, such as: Rest interface, SOAP Web service, security (authorization, authentication, encryption) and so on. Another one-point benefit of choosing SPRINGMVC is that developers in many large companies now choose this typical Java framework for development. So, maybe when you are in trouble, they will give you a helping hand.Portal Frame

      Pros and Cons: Spring's top ranking is not without reason. The reason he was the best and most famous Java frameworks are: 1. Simplify test data injection by using Pojos 2. Increase modularity, enhance code readability 3. Loose coupling between different modules 4. Flexible use of dependency injection.Portal Frame