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On The Application Of Grid-type Bridge Frame In Industrial Environment

Jul 23, 2015

All along, the domestic habits of the industrial environment using the enclosed bridge (also known as Groove box), the alignment of various power cables or control cable, while in Europe and other countries, a revolutionary new bridge-the-grid-type Bridge frame using very common

When it comes to grid bridge, must refer a company, France kabofei CABLOFIL. It can be called a founder of grid bridge, the new bridge not only in Europe and the universal application of, users more and more in the Asia-Pacific market in recent years, particularly in the food and beverage plants, power plants, industrial plants, heavy industry and other industrial environments.

What does the new bridge? It than the traditional closed the bridge to what advantage? Here we have an kabofei grid tray for representatives to do a comparison

First of all, open grid cable of the bridge so that all roots are visible, can fully control wiring project quality, in case of failure in the future, can quickly determine the cable the problem and take appropriate measures

Second, the open grid tray allows from any point, which can be easily connected to the various machines and equipment, to randomly change the outlet point and it is light and flexible, and can be mounted on top of the production equipment, under, around, you can easily walk in the machinery of the Middle, along the production lines, assembly lines to install.

Third, the kabofei can be used for a variety of installations, without the need for custom components such as bending, tee, cross, reducer, and so on. These special components can be found in the construction site using straight segments bridge with simple tools (pliers) directly, and help users to shorten design and installation time. In addition, the new structure can also be better controlled cables, future maintenance and upgrade time is also very easy.

Finally, durable, safe and strong. Kabofei grid-type Bridge frame is made from high quality steel wire welded together, kabofei bridge is the largest global test of bridge, with the lightest weight of users with the strongest bearing performance. In addition to zinc plating and galvanizing surface treatment, kabofei bridge and also with high quality by the decontamination process of 304L and 316L stainless steel series, by salt spray tests surface, its service life is three to four times times the raw stainless steel, even in harsh environments can ensure long term durability.

All in all, this revolutionary grid tray, for industrial projects of designers, installers and end users with a great deal of convenience, believes with the domestic market deepening awareness and understanding of this new product, application of this bridge will spread.