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Pedestrian Bridge And Pedestrian Access Under What Conditions Are Used

Apr 15, 2020

     Pedestrian crossing the street facilities, when pedestrians need to cross the expressway or rail, should be planned to set up three-dimensional crossing facilities, urban commercial-intensive areas, sports venues, rail transit stations near the intersection set up with the surrounding buildings directly connected to the three-dimensional crossing of the street facilities, in schools, hospitals and other places with special requirements, can be planned to set up three-dimensional street facilities; On a three-dimensional cross street facility that must be planned.Pedestrian Bridge

    The selection of pedestrian overpass or underpass should be based on the combination of underground water level, underground pipelines, other municipal utilities, surrounding environment, maintenance requirements and engineering investment, etc. In general, when crossing the trunk roads such as expressways and railways, it will consider setting up three-dimensional cross street facilities; some people are in particularly large areas, crossing the streets in a particularly large area, and will also consider setting up street facilities.Pedestrian Bridge

    On the selection of flyovers and underground passages, our hospital is generally given priority to the flyover, the reason is very simple, cheap, good to do, simple construction, maintenance is relatively convenient. Moreover, sometimes, the underground passage is restricted more, for example, under the road is a large granite, for example, under the road there are important pipelines, so most of the time, will and owners recommend to do the flyover. However, the landscape of the flyover is not very good, a little depressed, it may affect the lighting of some merchants along the street. Also, if there is no elevator, the effect of barrier-free, but also do not conform to pedestrian habits (generally like the first downhill).Pedestrian Bridge

   Underground passage, generally is the requirements of the owner, or with the underground construction of the uniform setting, such as subway stations, shopping malls and other basements, the advantages of no impact on the ground, the landscape effect is relatively good, on the street merchants small impact, but also in line with the common people's habits. Shortcomings in addition to the former said, such as the need to configure the drainage facilities, lighting equipment, fire equipment, and is often the security management is also a problem.Pedestrian Bridge