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Pedestrian Bridge The Main Structure

May 27, 2017

Pedestrian Bridge in accordance with the structure of the distinction between the common cross-street can be divided into three categories, namely, hanging structure, supporting structure and hybrid structure.

Suspended structure of the Pedestrian Bridge over the bridge as the main load-bearing components, for pedestrians through the bridge itself is not load-bearing, hanging in the bridge as a load-bearing beam, the structure of the bridge over the bridge will be structural components and practical components in the Together, can reduce the use of building materials, the relative reduction in the cost of the project, but this structure of the bridge overpasses unusually thick and strong, so pedestrians on the Pedestrian Bridge line of sight will be blocked railings, and stout bridge railings is difficult to give people the feeling , And thus in the urban landscape function is lacking.

The bridge of the supporting structure bridges the load-bearing bridge directly on the piers for pedestrians to bridge the bridge over the Pedestrian Bridge, while the bridge railings only protect the pedestrian's role and do not bear the weight of this type of overpass bridge High, but because the Pedestrian Bridge railings slender and beautiful, as the city landscape function is better, so the current city of this type of overpass bridge the most popular.

The hybrid bridge is a hybrid of the above two structures, and the bridge and the bridge share the load of the bridge as a load-bearing structure.