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Portal Frame Structure

Apr 22, 2020

             The frame structure refers to the structure of the load-bearing system which is formed by the Leung, which is connected by a rigid joint or a hinged joint, that is, the horizontal load and the vertical load appearing in the process of using the Leung composition frame. The frame structure of the house wall is not load-bearing, only acts as enclosure and segregation, generally with prefabricated aerated concrete, expanded perlite, hollow brick or porous brick, pumice, vermiculite, Ceramsite and other lightweight plate masonry or assembly.Portal Frame

             The framework structure is also called the frame structure. The frame of the house is divided into single span and multiple spans, according to the number of layers there is single layer and multi-layer; According to the structure of the fa├žade, it divides into symmetry and asymmetry, and according to the material, it is divided into steel frame, concrete frame, glulam frame or steel and reinforced concrete mixed frame. The most commonly used is the concrete frame (Cast-in-place integral type, assembly type, assembly integral type, also can apply prestress according to the need, mainly to beam or plate), steel frame. The assembled and assembled monolithic concrete frame and steel frame are suitable for large-scale industrialized construction, with higher efficiency and better quality of engineering.Portal Frame

             1, if the height of the house is low, the design of the door frame is just under the frame beam, so that there is no need to set another beam; 2, if the height of the house is higher, the top of the door to the frame beam is still a relatively high distance. The wall above the doorway can not be built on the frame, because the frame can not withstand the relatively large weight, that will deform, the door may not open or broken, cracked. So we need to make a beam on the top of the frame to support the weight of the wall above the doorway. The beam should be supported on the Wall (column) on both sides of the door so that it can be transferred to the Wall (column) on either side and not on the frame.Portal Frame