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Practical Application Of Floating Bridge

Apr 10, 2020

    The military pontoon bridge is a kind of pontoon, the structure and erection of the pontoon, generally uses dozens of or hundreds of boats (or raft, raft, raft), instead of the pier, horizontal in the river, to the hull as the pier, the upper deck of the beam board. The bridge and the river bank are connected with the plate (ancient 栰 plate) and trestle to adapt to the fluctuation of the river.Floating Bridge

    The boat is either fastened on a cable made of brown, hemp, bamboo, or iron, or with anchor, copper anchor, and stone anchored in Jiangdi and on both sides, or anchored and used. The floating bridge to adapt to the river level fluctuation, at any time can be adjusted, as the Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo described Huizhou East Xinqiao poem wrote: "Machine teeth any letter shrink, fluctuations with the high and low." ”Floating Bridge

     A bridge in which a boat or floating box replaces a pier and floats on the surface of the water. The army uses the standard equipment to spell the military pontoon bridge, is called pontoon. The historical record of the pontoon bridge is early in China. Floating Bridge

     The structure of the pontoon bridge has two types: the ① traditional form is in the ship or floating box on the shelves of beams, resurfacing. ② in the form of a boat, or the ship is connected to the tail, into a longitudinal column, or the boat body tightly arranged into a belt. In order to keep the position of the pontoon axis not offset, cable anchorage is required in the upper and lower reaches. To connect with the two sides, you need to set up a transition beam or springboard on both sides. In order to adapt to the fluctuation of water level, the two sides should also set up landing dock or Take-off and landing trestle.Floating Bridge

    How to salvage the ox, under the conditions, is more difficult. The monk was pregnant with two big ships filled with mud, sent people into the water, with iron tie the ox and the big ship together, and then put the ship's soil removed, using the buoyancy of the boat, the iron cow pull up.Floating Bridge