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Qualified "why Cable Suffered Consecutive Return

Jul 23, 2015

Recently, a cable manufacturer in Jiangsu hit in a row Australia customer returns, following the March returned a batch of 88,000 m solar cable, took place in April of a 66,000 m of return, the reason for return is accidentally tearing when the cable sheath during installation.

Photovoltaic cable as connection of PV solar energy system components and the key components of the inverter, always use under harsh environmental conditions, have to bear the high temperature, UV radiation, ozone, drastic changes in temperature and chemical erosion. Meanwhile, during the installation and maintenance must also withstand the pressure, bending, tension, and stretching and strong impact. Photovoltaic cable should not only have good electrical properties, sheathing also have higher requirements of thermal, chemical and mechanical characteristics, and these powerful features and cables insulation and sheathed the quality of materials and processing technology of the decision. If the cable sheath strength enough, cable insulation is vulnerable to damage, so as to affect the life of cables and even the entire solar system, serious will happen short circuits, or even cause fire and personal injury. To ensure the quality of exporting cables meet standard requirements, Changzhou special cable manufacturing enterprises in exporting cables before samples sent to the customer designated a world-renowned testing agencies according to international standards for project-wide testing, product performance, weather, environment and mechanical performance indicators are in line with the standards, our products have been passed the relevant certification. But Australia of eventually user in construction wiring in the is found, cable wiring Shi ends are must will core line separation must distance Hou again and system in the wiring terminal for connection, and cable of two article parallel core line between connection design bad, connection points too thick, and too narrow, actual operation in the as no professional tool auxiliary operation, double core separation Shi very easy along connection points of side tear nursing sets, to makes cable core line of insulation layer accident bare, led to using Shi exists security hidden, thus whole batch goods was all returned.

Why certification, eventually suffered by the qualified product returns? Jiangsu Bureau of inspection and quarantine found in the investigation, testing standards and does not exhaust all the product requirements, in particular, some specific requirements for specific occasions and environments. Above the core wires of the cable connection point is not mentioned in the standard, of course, does not have a corresponding item in the test and requirements is not surprising. Domestic and foreign manufacturers to the technical requirements of connection points are not the same, different thickness and width parameter is set, but most of them do not take into account the field wiring of specific environmental and installation conditions, so inevitably there has been testing and certification "qualified" product cannot be used, eventually suffered may be returned.

On this, test quarantine sector reminded related enterprise: for maximum reduced products export risk, except to strictly according to related imports country or international standards production, and detection products, in signed contract Qian also should prior and abroad customer full communication, detailed understand products of using environment and the uses, best ahead of sent sent sample by customer trial, in trial qualified Hou for seal sample, again by seal sample for production and delivery, such to do products both meet standard requirements, and meet customer using requirements, to avoid "qualified" Product experience return with an awkward situation, reduce unnecessary economic losses.