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Relevant Regulations Of Pedestrian Bridge

May 12, 2020

             The principles of footbridge and pedestrian subway are as follows: first, footbridge or underpass shall be set in the road, trunk roads, Gan roads or planar intersections where traffic is busy across the street. Pedestrian footbridges and pedestrian tunnels of the same street shall be considered uniformly, once or in stages. Second, pedestrian overpass, people's access to the tunnel should be in harmony with the surrounding environment. Third, pedestrian overpass, the installation of pedestrian subway should be in accordance with the planning of Permanent cross section consideration, and pay attention to the near-forward combination. Comparing the construction of pedestrian overpass with pedestrian underpass, the paper deals with the influence of groundwater level, the treatment of underground pipelines, the impact on traffic and nearby buildings during construction, and then determines the economic benefits.Pedestrian Bridge

          Pedestrian Bridge. The conditions for footbridge and pedestrian subway are as follows: First, one of the following conditions in a road section may be constructed by footbridge or pedestrian underpass. 1. Pedestrians in the streets are crowded, which affects traffic, causing serious traffic jams. 2. Traffic flow is very large, the front spacing can not meet the pedestrian safety through the street needs, or vehicles seriously endanger the pedestrian safety of road sections. 3. Crowd concentration, train frequent, pedestrians through the railway accident prone place. Second, when pedestrians cross the street at the intersection, the pedestrian walkway or underpass can be constructed according to the actual traffic conditions. Third, considering the construction of other underground facilities, consider the construction of people's tunnels. Pedestrian overpass, pedestrian tunnel access to the road, the ramp width should be based on the design period of the person's flow to determine. The sum of the width of each end ladder or ramp shall be greater than the width of the channel. The main design standards, such as staircases and ramps, are as follows:

           First, pedestrians crossing the street should adopt the way of ladder type. Ladder slope should adopt 1:2 1:2. 5, the ladder height difference is greater than or equal to 3m should set up platform, platform length is greater than or equal to 1. 5m. Second, for bicycles, children's cars, wheelchairs and other implementation, should use ramp type lifting mode. The ramp slope should not be steeper than 1:7. Vertical curve is set up according to the specific condition. The ramp surface should be non-slip and wearable. The frozen areas should be carefully chosen. Third, more bicycles, because of topography and other reasons can not set the ramp, the ladder can be used with the ramp of the mixed type of take-off and landing. The gradient of the mixed type should not be steeper than 1:4. Handrails should be provided for ladders, ramps and platforms.Pedestrian Bridge