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Speed Up The Adoption Of International Standards For Major Equipment

Jul 23, 2015

Standardization work of China electrical equipment industry association four times a session of the Committee members ' Conference 2008 electrical equipment industry standardization working conference, held on April 9-12th. This will speed up the adoption of international standards, enhance the level of standards, leading electrical equipment industry technological progress to a new level as the theme, the large State-owned enterprises, enterprises, scientific research institutes, as well as nearly 70 electrical field of the national standardization Technical Committee and representatives of the Technical Committee, according to the spirit of National Conference for adopting standards, promote 2008 Electrotechnical Standardization priorities discussed.

The meeting much industry attention. Combined China existing of economic run system, Lu yansun in speech in the stressed to to science development views for guide do standardization work, and proposed four points expects: used international standards should for full of test validation, to large of experiment data for according to, cannot blind into; improve standard developed of forward sex, seeks to standard can in must period within adapted market, and technology of development; efforts towards international discourse right, active towards international Secretary at and President of bear work; well standard and qualified evaluation of collaboration relationship.

She stressed that a sync is standard and scientific research, continue to promote the development of major equipment standards, give full play to the leading enterprises in the principal role in the development of major equipment standards in order to enhance the capability of independent innovation, promote industry technology progress to provide support.

Second, speed up the standard support for energy saving and emission reduction. Formation of Government-led, leading enterprises, research institutes and the standards Committee will closely, using a standard mechanism to promote energy saving and emission reduction.

Third is to accelerate the pace of adopting international standards and standards the revision to achieve national standards proposed by the Commission 3 100% goals and one 95% goals. By accelerating the adoption of international standards and improve the electrical standards to enhance the international competitiveness of the industry.

Four leading enterprises as the mainstay, with the focus on breakthrough to international standards in the field of power generation equipment.

Five is to accelerate the construction of standardization bodies work, focus on a number of major equipment, major industry technical standardization Committee, standard setting work of the working group.

Six channels to explore standards development funding support, continue to improve the business-investment mechanism of the main body, and boot on standardizing bodies, the standard is set, standard revision, international standardization activities and strengthen communication with local governments, seeking a wide range of policy and funding support.