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Standardization Of Wire And Cable-laying Cable Trays-booster

Jul 23, 2015

Cable Tray is made of wire and cable, pipe and cable laying to achieve standardization, systematization, generalization of cable laying device.

Basic types: slot cable bridge, a closed-type cable bridge, it is most applicable to the installation of computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cable control cable shielding and other highly sensitive system interference and protection of cables in a highly corrosive environment have a good effect.

Tray type cable tray, it has a light weight, load, handsome in appearance, the advantages of simple structure, easy to install, it is suitable for the installation of power cables, also applies to the control of cable laying.

Ladder type cable tray, apply to direct light cable laying, especially suitable for high and low laying of power cables. Fiberglass, alloy and big span cable tray. And cable trunking, line screen, the Groove siphon, tees, stone and pass-through, and bracket, hanger factory bridge for nearly a decade to develop very quickly, not only is serialized, and varieties from ordinary development bridge to fire-resistant bridge, corrosion-resistant varieties such as bridge, fully able to meet the project's needs.

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