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Subdivision Structure Of Pedestrian Bridge

May 06, 2020

    Mainstream structure: According to the structure, the common bridge can be divided into three categories, namely, suspension structure, supporting structure and hybrid structure.Suspended structure of the bridge with the main load-bearing axle rail, for pedestrians through the bridge board itself is not load-bearing, hanging on the top as a load-bearing beam, this structure of the footbridge will be structured components and practical components together, can reduce the use of building materials, the relative reduction of project costs, but this structure bridge railings unusually large and strong, so pedestrians on the bridge of the line of sight will be blocked, and the sturdy bridge railing difficult to give people the feeling of beauty, Thus there is a lack of urban landscape function. The supporting structure of the bridge will be erected directly on the pier, the bridge for pedestrians to walk on the bridge, and bridge railings only play a role in the protection of pedestrians, not load-bearing, this kind of bridge cost relatively high, but because of the slender bridges and beautiful, as the city landscape function better, so now the city of this type of overpasses the most numerous.Pedestrian Bridge
    The hybrid structure of the bridge is a hybrid of the two structures, and the top and the bridges share the load of the bridge as the load-bearing structure. With regard to the choice of flyovers and underground passages, generally is the priority to consider the flyover, the reason is very simple, cheap, good to do, construction simple, maintenance is relatively convenient, and sometimes, the underground passage is more limited, such as the road is a large granite, under the road has an important pipeline, so most of the time will be recommended to do the flyover. However, the landscape of the flyover is not very good, a little depressed, it may affect the lighting of some merchants along the street. Also, if there is no elevator, the effect of barrier-free, but also do not conform to pedestrian habits (generally like the first downhill).Pedestrian Bridge
   Underground passage, generally is the requirements of the owner, or with the underground construction of the uniform setting, such as subway stations, shopping malls and other basements, the advantages of no impact on the ground, the landscape effect is relatively good, on the street merchants small impact, but also in line with the common people's habits. Shortcomings in addition to the former said, such as the need to configure the drainage facilities, lighting equipment, fire equipment, and is often the security management is also a problem.
    Generally according to the usual experience, ground: ground: Underground facilities of the proportion of the cost of the $number. According to some project bidding information speculated that the same width of about 5 meters, the cost of the flyover is about 100,000/m, the cost of the underground cross street channel is about 300,000/m.Pedestrian Bridge