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The Classification Of Pedestrian Bridge

Apr 08, 2020

A bridge between a railway station and a bridge building for passengers and pedestrians. The flyover is generally set in the number of passengers passing through the large, medium stop, or located on the access road which is often occupied by train, stop train or shunting car.Pedestrian Bridge

The form of the bridge has open-air and shed-type, which is divided into open and closed two. Flyover has wood, steel, reinforced concrete and masonry structure, generally used steel, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete structure, and the use of assembly components. The bridge is made up of three parts that cross the structure, the bracket and the ramps. The chute is divided into two types of slanting and ramps. The width of the bridge is generally not less than 3.0 meters, the width of the ramp should be the same width with the bridge, such as the two ladder to the platform, the width of each ramp should not be less than 2.5 meters.Pedestrian Bridge

The city's commercial-intensive areas, cultural venues, rail transit stations near the intersection set up with the surrounding buildings directly connected to the three-dimensional crossing facilities; in schools, hospitals and other special requirements of the place, you can plan to set up three-dimensional crossing facilities; Of the three-way crossing facilities, pedestrian bridge or underground channel choice, should be integrated groundwater level, land and land pipelines, other municipal public facilities, the surrounding environment, maintenance requirements, investment projects, technical, economic, social benefits, etc. The Pedestrian Bridge

Underground channel, the general requirements of the owners, or with the underground construction of a unified set, such as subway stations, shopping malls and the like, the advantages of no impact on the ground, the landscape effect is better, the impact of small businesses along the street, but also in line with the general habit. Disadvantages In addition to the previous said, such as the need to configure drainage facilities, lighting equipment, fire equipment, there is often the security management is also a problem.Pedestrian Bridge