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The Development Of Bailey Bridge And Other Types Of Bridges

Jun 23, 2017

   With floating body (raft, by the people, and the boat float box, type boat, etc.) as a bridge between the foot supporting the upper structure (handy or standard), constitute a bridge, it can also be a series of closely packed together constitute a floating bridge (that is, the belt type bridge). It is suitable for rapid erection in deeper and wider rivers, and it has a small effect on its soil and is widely used in military applications and is one of the main types of military Bridges.
   A bridge with a fixed bridge foot. Common fixed bridge feet have column footbridge feet, frame bridge feet, and basket-bridge feet. The fixed bridge feet are affected by the water depth, velocity, and soil quality. The column bridge foot is to push the pile into the bottom of the river, with good stability, but the bottom soil must allow piling. The foot of the stand is to set the prearranged frame on the bottom surface of the river, which can be set up fast, but only for the dry valley or the bottom solid, the flow rate or the water is not very deep. The foot of the basket-basket bridge is the combination of the bridge foot material into a box, which is filled with rocks, which is suitable for rivers with deep water and large flow velocity.Bailey Bridge
   The military fixed bridge can be built into a low water bridge, a high water bridge, a bridge, and a bridge under water. Low water bridge (figure 1) span is small (usually 3 ~ 7 meters, some can be up to 10 ~ 12 m.), little bridge foot height (upper structure is apart from water surface is clear about 0.5 ~ 1 m), simple structure, convenient erection, usually only frame into a single, for short-term use, is commonly used is one of the main types of military Bridges. The high water bridge has a larger span (30 meters or more) and the bridge has a higher foot, allowing flood, water and boat to pass under the bridge. Because of the difficulty of the materials, the structure is complex, the erection time is time-consuming, usually only in the rear main road passes through the river. A bridge is a tall, dry bridge that spans the intersection of a highway or rail line, usually with a mast bridge. Under the surface of the water bridge is a bridge that is 0.3 ~ 0.5 meters below the surface of the water. The bridge can be raised and lowered with hidden features.Bailey Bridge
   In order to adapt to the demands of modern warfare, the military bridge has become increasingly formalized. The equipment is manufactured by the country according to the unified standard, the performance, the specification production, the equipment army, the wartime use to erect various kinds of bridge. This kind of equipment mainly includes tank bridge car, zhouqiao equipment, mechanized bridge, disassembling metal bridge (figure 3) etc. The disassembly metal bridge is a complete set of fixed bridge equipment, usually including upper structure, adjustable height intermediate bridge foot, and special erection and loading equipment. This equipment mainly USES human erection and roll-up, use, loading, easy operation, good mobility, can be used to set up both single span and multi span low water bridge, and can be used to reinforce and repair the damaged permanent bridge.Bailey Bridge