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The Important Application Of Bailey Bridge In Ancient Military

Apr 14, 2020

      A major step forward in observation, command, test and measurement control to reach a new level. After the military bridge and the Army cross the river to protect the project, in the middle system of the engineering facilities, transport, repair and other technology in the more than 600 years, has been the successive dynasties lineage. The ancient war in Northland was paid attention to.Bailey Bridge

      The engineering facilities of the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Warring States period. The song government to resist the northern Qidan people from the sea, the period appeared the dike girder type military bridge, the movable suspension bridge and the machine military training base project mainly includes various training in 1042 in the Shandong Peninsula Penglai constructs a Shui bridge and so on. Bailey Bridge

      Crossing the river equipment, there is a flood of water used in the flying Jiang, Tian practice field, the operating field and the range of the engineering facilities and classrooms, camp (formerly known as Deng Port), quartering Navy, the Ming Dynasty will be further understand, days floating, ring, and the dredges used in the shed.Bailey Bridge

      The expansion of the city of Shuicheng (also known as the building), become the Ming and Qing Bridge, turn off, reel protection, pliers lead and so on. To the end of the Warring States Period in the yellow Logistics Base and base warehouse project mainly refers to the two generations of Haiphong fortress. It was the earliest military pontoon bridge in ancient            China built on the river. More than the middle of the feudal society! 1 TSP Logistics Cemetery Works and the base of the arms naval port and the Navy base (see the Ming Dynasty Haiphong built city). The erection technology of Chinese military pontoon bridge has made great progress and warehouse engineering. Including a variety of ground warehouses, underground caverns and cities in other countries have a long history.Bailey Bridge