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The Purpose Of Building A Floating Bridge

Jun 29, 2017

              The purpose of the construction of a pontoon bridge is generally divided into two categories: one is to meet the needs of military preparedness or rescue. As the floating Foundation is used to replace the complicated underwater fixed foundation, it is easy to set up, easy to dismantle, more convenient for the evacuation of concealed and loading transportation, and has more outstanding rapidity and maneuverability. Another purpose is mainly economic considerations, that is, the construction of traditional piers is not appropriate when the water depth is very large or very soft. At this time, using the natural buoyancy of water, neither the traditional pier nor the good foundation of the pontoon bridge to become a better choice.Floating Bridge

              In order to analyze the regularity of the change of the tension of the anchor and the tension of the bridge, and to reduce the hydrodynamic stability of the pontoon after the suspension of the boat around the floating heart. The influence of the draught change on the anchor tension was calculated by using the empirical formula, and the critical velocity of the pontoon was calculated by using the equivalent eccentricity method. It is concluded that the increase of the draft and the increase of water resistance will make the anchor tension increase greatly and the critical velocity of the floating bridge can be reduced slightly. At the same time, some measures for safe use of pontoon under large flow velocity are put forward.

              Pontoon is used to connect the water on both sides of the transport facilities, that is, using floating tanks or boats instead of piers, floating in the water bridge. Can be used for people, highways, railways, simple structure, easy to dismantle! Our production of the pontoon bridge mainly by the enhanced plastic floating box, steel structure by force on the top of the anti-corrosion wood and other materials made from, suitable for scenic spots, resorts and other scenic spots good location.Floating Bridge

              East Oct is located in Shenzhen, China, the Great plum sand, covers an area of nearly 9 square kilometers, is to "let the urban people return to nature" for the purpose, with cultural tourism as the characteristics of eco-tourism demonstration zone, set of ecological dynamic, leisure vacation, outdoor sports and other cultural tourism functions in one, embodies the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. "Tea Valley" Wetland Park Pontoon, is currently the longest landscape pontoon, the project design maximum load of 300 kg/square meters, the water level drops 2.0 meters, the length is 386 meters, the width 3 meters, uses the anchor type fixed, this project also is at present the domestic city landscape Engineering technical request highest project. The design and construction by the Yingde de-Li Pontoon Project Co., Ltd. is responsible for the completion! Afar, it is like a dragon winding between the two sides, circling around, guiding you into a fairy-tale world! Standing on the pontoon, the feeling of being ethereal, enjoying the unique scenery, the Fanghai wonders, the wonderful posture, the wonder, the joy and the satisfaction, is still a new thing to recall. All VIP dignitaries or businessmen to Shenzhen, all of them to the "Tea Valley" Wetland Park pontoon area, to enjoy the eastern Chinese city of the seaside scenery. "Tea Brook Valley" Wetland Park pontoon bridge will be with its own unique splendor, Eastern Oct to become an amazing beautiful scenery line.Floating Bridge