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The Rationality Of The Design Structure Of The Bailey Bridge

Apr 09, 2020

Decomposition of steel bridge (Bailey Bridge) is our military engineering equipment equipment, one of the bridge crossing the river equipment, but also an important rear combat readiness equipment. With the continuous development of our military modernization, various technical weapons and means of transport are moving in a rapid and heavy direction.Bailey Bridge

 When the troops carry out maneuvers through the bridge, they will produce greater vibration and shock, causing a larger internal force And deformation, for which we conducted a military bridge dynamic performance research, this test is a practice of the link.

The vertical distance from the deck or the bottom of the bridge to the bottom of the upper structure is called the height of the bridge, and the vertical distance between the bridge deck or the rail bottom to the low water level or the bridge road surface is called the bridge height. Along the center line of the bridge, the horizontal distance between the ends of the side walls of the bridge abutment (the bridge length of the bridge deck is called the length of the bridge) or the total length of the bridge (highway bridge).Bailey Bridge

The length of the bridge between the bridge ballast walls is called the length of the bridge (railway bridge). The length of the design of the water level gauge (excluding the thickness of the piers) is between the edges of the piers, which is called the net span, as shown in Fig. 1. The sum of the net spans is the bridge diameter. Must meet the requirements of flood discharge. The horizontal distance at the center of the two bearings is called the calculation span, referred to as the span.

The larger the span, the greater the internal force, the larger the size of the main load-bearing structure, and the higher design and construction requirements. Therefore, the size of the span is often used to weigh the technical level of the bridge one aspect. The calculation span is generally determined by the ease of construction and the economic conditions of the clearance, upper and lower structures of the bridge.Bailey Bridge

According to the superstructure of the bridge, there are wooden bridges, stone bridges, concrete bridges, reinforced concrete bridges, prestressed concrete bridges (sometimes three collectively referred to as concrete bridges), steel bridges and combined beams. Wooden bridge is easy to use for temporary bridges. Stone and concrete with high compressive strength and low tensile strength are mainly used for arch bridges. Reinforced concrete bridge for the pressure of concrete and tensile, compression performance are good combination of reinforced steel bridge, mainly for the span of the beam bridge and arch bridge.Bailey Bridge