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What Are The Conditions Of The Pedestrian Bridge?

Jul 17, 2017

                  The footbridge system can be simply defined as the elevated pedestrian walkway network, consisting of a street flyover, a two-storey corridor in the building and a wide variety of activity centres. Its main function is to connect the main walking points of the city centre in order to attract more customers and promote economic development. Many cities in the United States, such as São Paulo, Minneapolis and Cincinnati, built aerial human-line systems in the 60.Pedestrian Bridge

                  The experience of these cities shows that the pedestrian walkway system can promote economic growth, so more and more central districts use this system. Although pedestrian footbridges are popular in the United States, there are still some problems. Economically, they reduce the value of flat space and the value of buildings that are not associated with them, which damage the appearance of old buildings in the city centre, and pedestrian footbridges may reduce the amount of street pedestrian traffic and the amount of walking activity, thus compromising the overall landscape of the city centre.Pedestrian Bridge

                  1 traffic flow is very large, the vehicle front spacing can not meet the pedestrian safety through the needs of pedestrians, or vehicles seriously endanger the pedestrian safety of road sections; 2. Cross-street pedestrian intensive, affecting traffic, causing serious traffic jam; 3. The main intersection of Urban Expressway, main intersection of Trunk Road or a junction crossing intersection is more than 5000 trips/h, and the equivalent car traffic at the intersection is more than 1200 h 4 The total pedestrian flow through the roundabout is up to 18000 times/h, and at the same time enters the roundabout equivalent car traffic to reach 2000/h; 5 The intersection between the railway and the City Road, when the train passes through a block of pedestrian flow more than 1000 passengers or crossings closed over 15min. 6) Considering the construction of other underground facilities, it is considered that the construction of human tunnels.Pedestrian Bridge