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Super bailey steel bridge exported to Myanmar Government in 2010,108 sets(2000t),galvanized.



Galvanized bailey steel bridge exported to Myanmar Government in 2015, 31 sets (800t)


Bailey steel bridge for rescue and relief work in Sichuan


Bailey bridge (pipe gallery-type, CB-200, 51.816m long, DSR) to LONGXING CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD, Hebei province.


Bailey bridge (CB-200, 51.816m long, QSR, single-lane, clear width: 4.2m) at fu-tang hydropower station, Sichuan province


Bailey bridge (CB-200, 39.624m long, 18-rows, deck-type, single-lane, clear width: 6m) at Baihetan Hydropower Station, Qiaojia County, Sichuan province



Multi-lanes Bailey bridge, Chuansha county, Shanghai city

Cast-in-situ bailey bridge for support to Shanghai 2nd Construction CO., LTD


Bailey bridge with the longest span inChina(CB-200, 67.056m, single-span, DSR) at feng xiang county, Shaanxi  Province


Bailey bridge to GUANG DONG MINDA INVESTMENT GROUP, Zhanjiang city, Guangdong province


Bailey bridge (HD-321,30m long, DSR, Overhead) to Sino-hydro 6 bureau, Tonghua City,  Jilin Province


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