steel arch bridge construction Steel Arch Bridge

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Steel Arch:
1) Span Length: 68 meters
2) Weight: 500~600MT
3)The highest point: 242.86 meters

We can supply various steel bridges & steel bridge materials:
(1) highway bridge-box;
(2) steel box girder;
(3) steel pipe uprights, as well steel structure fabrication & installation, etc.
We provide products according to the need of the customers.

Specification of Steel Arch Bridge: Diagonal Span Arch Bridge:

 Size data
Span lengths68m

1) The surface of bridge applies girder, beam, small girder with cast-in-situ concrete bridge panel to form mixed steel composite beams, and evenly works on two arch ribs through 9 pairs of suspenders. Girder is welded with Q345D grade steel plate with 16mm thickness, so that its cross section is formed as a box, turning outside into tuyere.
2) The beams are set every 6 meters following the direction of bridge, which also is set one small girder, to make sure overall and partial stability of the bridge. Girder, small beams are both welded from Q345D steel plate to form H beams.

Specification of Highway:

 Size data
Highway Standard6-lane
Total Length of Highway17.6 km
Width of motor vehicle lane16 m
Width of non-motor vehicle lane and auxiliary lane9.5 m
Width of pedestrian walking lane3 m
Vehicle designed speed100 km/h
Width of roadbed46.5 m

Specification of Bridge Arch Rib:

StructureArch rib"T" shaped stiffening rib
Width1.82 m1.5m
Rise span ratio0.3571

Specification of Sling:

Number of sling19
Quality37Φ7mm high tensile strength galvanized steel wires
Standard strength level1670 Mpa
SystemChill anchor anchorage system
ProtectionDouble PE protection layers
Stainless Steel pipes (on the bridge within 2.5 meters height)
Waterproof cover (at joints with beams)
Anti-corrosive grease processing (top and bottom anchor head)
Shock absorber
Foaming materials (being injected to sling tubes)

Other Characteristics of Steel Arch Bridge: Diagonal Span Arch Bridge:
1) The foundation of abutment applies reinforced concrete structure, and also applies C30 concrete. When abutment and abutment pile caps construction are pouring concrete, effective measures should be taken to lower hydration heat.
2) Abutment Pile styled abutment, in which the foundation of pile is designed based on friction pile, can be made by hole drilling perfusion and hole digging.

Advantages and features of steel bridges:
Made of special mode steel
Make of the best of space, increase the store capability
With high safety factor
Good performance, easy to disassemble and install
Can be made according to the need of the customers
Applicable to the goods which are long and heavy